On Saturday, October 13th, 2012 I was fortunate enough to be at The Roxy in Hollywood, CA. My main reason for being at The Roxy that night was to see Bobby Long, but I was also excited to check out some new music. In addition to that, I was taking my 10 year old nephew to his first concert. Being the “cool Aunt” and experiencing some great music? Yes, please!

Those familiar with The Roxy know that the theatre has a rich and diverse history. From Bruce Springsteen to Miles Davis, The Roxy has hosted some of the best performers in music history. However, The Roxy is a theater that many unsigned artists call home and is an excellent place to discover new music. I personally have been to The Roxy many times over the years, and have many memories of the area. It was, therefore, an absolute pleasure to have my nephews first show be at the Roxy.

At around 8:30 p.m. Anna Nelson was the first performer to take the stage. I had never heard of Anna Nelson before, but I was thoroughly impressed but her voice. My favorite song from her that night was “In My Dreams”. Her EP “Before You” can be found on iTunes. She is absolutely worth checking out.

The next artist to perform was Patrick Park. Patrick Park was definitely talented and I enjoyed his songs. However, Patrick Park seemed to lack that stage presence and overall connection with the audience that makes a good performance great. It could be that he was having an off night, or if that is just his personality as a performer. Regardless, he played his guitar beautifully and sang wonderfully. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for good music. His albums “Loneliness Knows My Name” and Come What Will” can both be found on iTunes.

At around 10 p.m. Bobby Long took the stage. This was my second time seeing him this year, and I was absolutely thrilled. Bobby Long is an impressive performer and possesses the wit and stage presence to keep the crowd engaged. He started off his set with “I Will Help You Mend”, a song that I hope is going to be on his next album. Much to my absolute pleasure, Bobby Long next performed “Two Years Old”. This song happens to be one of my favorite songs from him, so I was grateful to be able to see him play it live. His entire set was enjoyable and easily my favorite of the night. I could go on, and on about how much I enjoyed seeing him perform, but it is not something that can be understood unless you see him live. His album “A Winter Tale” can, and should, be checked out on iTunes.

The next performer of the night was Meiko. I was very much excited to check her out, as I had heard some great things about her as a live performer and I enjoyed her music. As fate would have it, however, my nephew’s tolerance for a standing room venue and two drunk women behind him had been reached. As much as I wanted to stay and watch Meiko, I had to change from “the cool aunt” into “the responsible aunt” and take my nephew home. With that said, I encourage anyone to check out Meiko and try to see her live. Her music can also be found on iTunes.

Even with having to leave early, my night at The Roxy was an enjoyable one. Great music and great company. What more could I possibly ask for?