This weeks “My Songs of the Week” contains songs that I have discovered this past week, as well as songs that I have loved for some time now. All of these artists are extremely talented and should be checked out by anyone who enjoys good music. to discover more about each artist/band simply click on their names. Now onto the good stuff…….


Sam Bradley– Whiskey

This song made it to this week’s SOTW because it is my all time favorite Sam Bradley Song. The first time I saw Sam Bradley play was at the Glass House in Pomona, California. As soon as he came on I was impressed by him, but when he began singing “Whiskey” I became officially hooked. From that moment on, listening to Sam sing “Whiskey” takes me back to that moment when it was me, my, sister, and best friend experienced this amazing musician perform. Since I have been really missing seeing Sam Bradley play live lately, this has been my go-to song lately.

Besides the memories that it gives me, “Whiskey” is my favorite because it is absolutely beautiful. The heart wrenching lyrics and Sam’s soulful voice showcase Sam’s talent and his ability as an artist. This song is usually the first song I show to those who are unfamiliar with Sam Bradley.


Monsters Calling Home– Monsters Calling Home

On October 28th I had the opportunity to discover Monsters Calling Home at a SoFar show in Los Angeles, CA. Their self-titled song figuratively grabbed me by the balls and threw me against the wall, but in a good way. From the first note, I fell in love with this song. Ever since leaving that show, I cannot get this tune out of my head. The passionate lyrics, addicting melody, and amazing vocals on this track have me anxious to see Monsters Calling Home play again the first chance I get.

Family of the Year– Hero

I also saw Family of the Year at the SoFar show in Los Angeles. Though I enjoyed their entire set, their song “Hero” resonated with me the most. I especially fell in love with the line” Let me go, I don’t wanna be your hero. I don’t wanna be a big man, just wanna fight like everyone else”. To me, this song speaks of not wanting to be put upon a pedestal of sorts, and the want to just be allowed to make mistakes. It is a song that pulls at me for many different reasons. The intimacy of this song and the pleas behind it make it suitable for this list.

Rosie Thomas– Farewell

The next song on the list is “Farewell” by Rosie Thomas. Rosie Thomas’ voice in this song is hauntingly beautiful. The song tells of heartbreak and having to say farewell to the one you love the most. At some point in everyone’s life, we will get to the point in a relationship where saying farewell is the only option left. The lyrics “I never asked you for a sailboat in the yard, or that fancy dress to wear, or a ceiling made of stars. And all I got was just this broken heart from you” conveys those emotional situations perfectly.