This week Take Cover Thursday is back to appearing on a Thursday. I hope you look into these covers and like them as much as I do. Enjoy!

The Civil Wars- Billy Jean

The Civil Wars version of Billy Jean came a sort of shock to my system.  I was not an obsssive fan of Michael Jackson by any means, but his earlier solo releases were enjoyable for me. I would have to say that Billy Jean had probably always been one of my favorites from him. The way that The Civil Wars took a Michael Jackson classic and made it their own is impressive. Normally, any person or band that attempts to cover Michael Jackson tends to come off as cheesy. This is not the case with The Civil Wars. With haunting vocals and a smooth guitar, the Civil Wars did excellent in covering Billy Jean.

Mumford and Sons- Not in Nottingham

Mumford and Sons have done quite a few covers of songs that I enjoy. Their cover of Roger Miller’s Not in Nottingham brought me back to my childhood when I would watch Disney’s Robin Hood. I remember watching the movie and always trying to get the whistle just right. Mumford and Sons not only got the whistle right, they brought back a song from my childhood and made it tragically beautiful. Well done Mumford, well done.

Florence and the Machine- Oh, Darling!

If you have not heard Florence and the Machine’s cover of The Beatles’ Oh, Darling!, do yourself a favor and press the play button on the video above. This cover is soulful, beautiful, and brings out the pleading desperation of the lyrics. Finding cover’s like this one is what make YouTube such a godsend.