‘Ello! Here is this week’s Songs of the Week. Hope you give these songs the attention they deserve. Have an excellent weekend!

The Mostar Diving Club- Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart by The Mostar Diving Club is a song that can easily get stuck in one’s head. Featured in the movie Waiting For Forever, Worlds Apart is a song that tells of remembering how a relationship used to be. The soothing melody alongside Damian Katkhuda’s vocals makes the lyrics seem more meaningful and relatable. It was truly a perfect fit for Waiting For Forever.

Johnny Flynn- Howl

Howl just may be my favorite song from Johnny Flynn. Johnny’s voice is amazing in all of his songs, but in Howl it is simply spine tingling. The bluesy guitar playing and large doses of trumpet throughout the song only amplify the “Holy Wow” affect that this song has on me.

Ben Rector- When a Heart Breaks

Ben Rector has a smooth and beautiful voice that has the tendency to remind me of John Mayer. That voice on a track like When a Heart Breaks is enough to bring tears to anyone’s eyes. As if Ben Rectors impressive vocals on this track wasn’t enough, the lyrics go and high five your face. The song is absolutely tragic, but in all the ways that you want a song to be tragic. Absolutely worth checking out.