So after a weeklong break, Musically Inspired is back with Take Cover Thursday. For some reason this weeks Take Cover Thursday was a little more diffcult to put together. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy these covers and continue to read. Enjoy…..

Marcus Foster– Couldn’t Love You More (John Martyn)

John Martyn is an amazing artist who has songs that don’t need perfecting. Couldn’t Love You More was always one of those songs for me. It was a song that I had considered “Not to be touched”. That was until I heard Marcus Foster’s version of the song.  Covers like Marcus’ prove that even the greatest of songs can be fine-tuned and perfected if done with respect and passion. Marcus’ soulful voice complements the music and makes the lyrics come to life. You could almost imagine that he was the first one to ever sing this song. Marcus Foster truly did an amazing job with this cover.

Jeff Buckley- Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan)

The late Jeff Buckley’s cover of Bob Dylan’s Just Like a Woman is one that I have adored for a while. Jeff Buckley’s heart breaking voice and overall arrangement of the song are beautiful.  Out of all the artists who  have covered this wonderful song, Jeff Buckley’s version is by far the most impressive.

Mumford and Sons– Unfinished Business (White Lies)

Mumford and sons version of Unfinished Business was one of the first covers I had heard from them. Though the arrangement is quite different from the original, their version is still quite powerful. Mumford and Sons have an ability to take a song and completely make it their own while still respecting the overall feel of the song. They did a remarkable job at portraying the pain of the lyrics while kicking the arrangement up a notch. This is quite possibly one of my favorite covers from them.

This concludes this weeks edition of Take Cover Thursday. Until next time…