Jamestown Revival- Revival

I had the immense pleasure of seeing Jamestown Revival play at a SofarLA show this past Tuesday. Their song Revival is a toe-tapping song that makes you want to shout out loud. Recorded, the song is exquisite. Live, the song makes you want to jump up and start dancing a thigh-slapping jig. Revival is definitely one of my favorite songs of the week.

Apache Relay- Lost Kid

Lost Kid was one of the first songs that I heard from Apache Relay. The musical arrangement is upbeat and the lyrics are endearing. Whenever I listen to this song, memories of watching them play live in Monterey with my best friend flow back into my mind. It is definitely a song that I associate with happy times.

The White Buffalo- The Whistler

I discovered The White Buffalo’s The Whistler while watching Sons of Anarchy this past week. The song demanded my attention and I had to find out who was responsible for such a heart wrenching song. The vocals in the song are amazing, and the musical arrangement is haunting. Throw in some damn fine whistling, and you have a remarkable song.


This concludes this weeks “Songs of the Week”. Enjoy!