Top 10 Christmas Songs (#1) Tuesday, Dec 25 2012 


Merry Christmas! I hope you have enjoyed Musically Inspied’s op 10 Christmas Songs. I hope that everyone has an awesome day, and that this song makes your Christmas a little bit more enjoyable.

1.Billy Mack/ Bill Nighy- Christmas is All Around us.

Christmas is all around me by Bill Nighy/Billy Mack is one of the best Christmas songs ever. Recorded for the Love Actually soundtrack, Christmas is All Around Us is comically heartfelt. One of the best things about this song is the video that was recorded for it. In my opinion, it is not Christmas until I have heard this song a few dozen times. So go ahead….. press the play button, and prepare yourself for true Christmas awesomeness.




Top 10 Christmas Songs (4-2) Monday, Dec 24 2012 


So it’s Christmas Eve, and Musically Inspired’s Christmas countdown is almost at an end. Below are songs 4 through 2. I’ll post the number one song tomorrow morning. Hope you have an awesome Christmas Eve!

4. The Pogues- Fairytale of New York

Fairytale of New York by The Pogues is not your average Christmas song at all. The beginning of the song starts off sweet enough with lyrics “I´ve got a feeling This year´s for me and you. So happy Christmas, I love you baby” in the first verse. The song, however, quickly turns into a song of loathing with Kristy MacColl eventually singing “Happy Christmas your arse I pray god it´s our last”. It’s a song that reminds listeners that the Christmas spirit cannot cure all. Quite a change from the normal “everything is perfect and sparkly” attitude of most Christmas songs.

3. Dawes- Christmas Time is Here

I just recently discovered the cover of Christmas Time is Here by Dawes. I have never been a huge fan of this song, but listening to Dawes sing it has made it one of my favorites this year. Dawes does not make any drastic changes to the arrangement in their version, but it still seems fresh and unique. Definitely a Christmas song worth checking out.

2. Etta James- Oh Holy Night

Etta James’ version of Oh Holy Night is perhaps my favorite version of the song. Etta’s incredible voice with the beautiful arrangement gives me chills every time I hear it. I will forever compare every version of this song to Etta’s version. So far no other version has come close.



Top 10 Chrismas Songs (7-5) Sunday, Dec 23 2012 


Thanks for the awesome responses to yesterdays post. Very much appreciated….. So here are songs 7-5…. Hope you enjoy!

7. Enya– Oíche chiúin (Silent Night)

Ok, so I know you’re probably thinking “Oh great, ANOTHER version of Silent Night?”, but I guarantee that won’t bother you once you’ve listened to both versions. Enya’s version of Silent Night is more traditional in its arrangement,but doesn’t over do it. Her voice is clear, smooth, and absolutely beautiful. The fact that it is sung entirely in Gaelic only adds to charm of this version.

6. Marcus Foster– Blue Christmas (Elvis Cover)

Marcus Foster’s version of Elvis’ Blue Christmas is quite spectacular. There’s not much that better than sitting with a hot cup of coffee and listening to Marcus’ ridiculously amazing voice singing Blue Christmas. Listening to this song makes it easier to get through the hectic season.

5. Sam Bradley– Christmas Lights

Now I debated putting Sam Bradley’s version of Let it Snow on this list, because it is amazing, but I chose to go with Christmas Lights. This song is a play off of his song Lights, which is one of my favorite songs from him. It’s a very tongue-in-cheek Christmas song, which is the best kind. Just what the doctor ordered when you become sick of hearing the choir-like versions of every Christmas song.



Top 10 Christmas Songs (10-8) Saturday, Dec 22 2012 


Ok so I haven’t posted in a while,and thought that I would do someting different this week. Instead of the normal Take Cover Thursday or Songs of the Week list, I decided to do a Top 10 Christmas list. over the next several days, I will count down my top 10 christmas songs, with number one being unveiledon Christmas. I hope you all enjoyhe list and check out all of the artists listed on it.

10. Hey Rosetta!-Carry Me Home

This original Christmas song by Hey Rosetta was on a Christmas compilation album that was put together by Paste. Carry Me Home is one of my favorite songs on the sampler. It’s nice to have a Christmas song that is not traditional to listen to.

9. Stylusboy– Silent Night

Stylusboy’s version of this classic Christmas song is stripped down in this acoustic version. This version of Silent Night allows the listener to not get caught up in a complex arrangement, and allows the vocals and lyrics to shine.


8. Bobby Long- River (Joni Mitchell Cover)

Bobby Long’s cover of this amazing Joni Mitchell Song was one of me favorite Christmas songs this holiday season. Bobby’s smooth voice and simple arrangement reminds the listener why this song is so amazing. It should also be noted that Bobby Long allowed his fans to pick which Christmas song he would record. Clearly, they have excellent taste. You can listen to Bobby’s version of River here.




Songs of the Week- 12/8/12 Saturday, Dec 8 2012 


This weeks Songs of the Week features music that I am extremely excited about. Much to my delight, a new song from Bobby Long has been released to the world and is present on this list. New favorite, The Borrowers Debt, joins the list along with Mathew Mayfield. I urge my readers to check out each artist. If you don’t, you will never know what you are missing out on.


Bobby Long- In Your Way

This week music lovers were treated to a special surprise when Bobby Long released In Your Way off of his upcoming album Wishbone. As a fan of Bobby Long’s for quite some time, and I have to say I was extremely pleased with the new direction that his music seems to be taking. Instead of raw acoustics, In Your Way features a full band. Bobby’s voice is still as wonderful as ever, but there seems to be more depth to it. It’s still the same Bobby that his fans know and love, but he is showing a different side to his talents. In Your Way is a perfect treat for those who have followed Bobby Long, and a great who for him to introduce himself to a new audience. To give the song a listen and to find out about this amazing artist, click here.

The Borrowers Debt- Walking Home From Hollywood

I had the pleasure of seeing The Borrowers Debt perform at the Room 5 Lounge on December 6, 2012. There song Walking Home From Hollywood was one the song that had got me so interested in the band. In addition to that, the song is just beautiful. The harmonies and the arrangement are amazing. The lyrics describe the process of evaluating your life’s decisions and realizing that, perhaps, other decisions should have been made. Definitely a song and a band that I recommend to anyone looking for new music. Check out their website here for more information.


Matthew Mayfield- By Your Side

I just really love this song. The lyrics are beautiful, the vocals are amazing, and the arrangement is sweetly simple. It is a song that you listen to a couple of times in a row, and then think about how much you want to hear it again only a few hours later. I like many songs from Matthew Mayfield, but this just may be my favorite. More information about Matthew Mayfield can be found here.