Ok so I haven’t posted in a while,and thought that I would do someting different this week. Instead of the normal Take Cover Thursday or Songs of the Week list, I decided to do a Top 10 Christmas list. over the next several days, I will count down my top 10 christmas songs, with number one being unveiledon Christmas. I hope you all enjoyhe list and check out all of the artists listed on it.

10. Hey Rosetta!-Carry Me Home

This original Christmas song by Hey Rosetta was on a Christmas compilation album that was put together by Paste. Carry Me Home is one of my favorite songs on the sampler. It’s nice to have a Christmas song that is not traditional to listen to.

9. Stylusboy– Silent Night

Stylusboy’s version of this classic Christmas song is stripped down in this acoustic version. This version of Silent Night allows the listener to not get caught up in a complex arrangement, and allows the vocals and lyrics to shine.


8. Bobby Long- River (Joni Mitchell Cover)

Bobby Long’s cover of this amazing Joni Mitchell Song was one of me favorite Christmas songs this holiday season. Bobby’s smooth voice and simple arrangement reminds the listener why this song is so amazing. It should also be noted that Bobby Long allowed his fans to pick which Christmas song he would record. Clearly, they have excellent taste. You can listen to Bobby’s version of River here.