Thanks for the awesome responses to yesterdays post. Very much appreciated….. So here are songs 7-5…. Hope you enjoy!

7. Enya– Oíche chiúin (Silent Night)

Ok, so I know you’re probably thinking “Oh great, ANOTHER version of Silent Night?”, but I guarantee that won’t bother you once you’ve listened to both versions. Enya’s version of Silent Night is more traditional in its arrangement,but doesn’t over do it. Her voice is clear, smooth, and absolutely beautiful. The fact that it is sung entirely in Gaelic only adds to charm of this version.

6. Marcus Foster– Blue Christmas (Elvis Cover)

Marcus Foster’s version of Elvis’ Blue Christmas is quite spectacular. There’s not much that better than sitting with a hot cup of coffee and listening to Marcus’ ridiculously amazing voice singing Blue Christmas. Listening to this song makes it easier to get through the hectic season.

5. Sam Bradley– Christmas Lights

Now I debated putting Sam Bradley’s version of Let it Snow on this list, because it is amazing, but I chose to go with Christmas Lights. This song is a play off of his song Lights, which is one of my favorite songs from him. It’s a very tongue-in-cheek Christmas song, which is the best kind. Just what the doctor ordered when you become sick of hearing the choir-like versions of every Christmas song.