Album Review: Wishbone by Bobby Long Tuesday, Feb 19 2013 


Hello Readers!

Today my post is going to be a review on an album by Bobby Long that is being released TODAY through ATO Records. This new album by Bobby Long is entitled Wishbone, and I am very excited by it. For those who have been keeping tabs on Bobby Long, and have had the pleasure of seeing him live, Wishbone could not have been delivered to us fast enough. Though Bobby Long goes in a much different direction with Wishbone, it is equally, if not more, impressive than material that has been previously released. In this particular review I will discuss the album, one song at a time. Enjoy!

1. Devil Moon

The first track on Wishbone is entitled Devil Moon, and is completely different than any other song previously created by Bobby Long. Devil Moon offers a rougher energy and allows Bobby Long to showcase his grittier side. The song is a perfect introduction to the rest of the album.


2. She Won’t Leave

Following up Devil Moon is the softer She Won’t Leave. Though softer in lyrics and in music, She Won’t Leave still packs a punch that is reminiscent of Neil Young. The melody is smooth and compliments Bobby’s soulful voice. The lyrics display honesty that many artists struggle to convey. It is a song that proves that Bobby has the ability to display his softer side while backed by a full band.

3. In your Way

In Your Way provides familiarity to those who have become accustomed to Bobby Long’s signature sound. Though familiar, In Your Way still displays Bobby Long’s change of musical direction. The lyrics seem more personal and the guitar playing more developed. The vocals are rich and are filled with emotion that is expected from a Bobby Long song.

4. Blood in the Orchard

Blood in the Orchard is a song filled with diversity and stronger beats. The title alone warns listeners to expect a gritty song packed with rich electrics and a harder beat. Blood in the Orchard starts off with a harder sound normally heard from Bobby Long and transitions to an addicting melody by the time the chorus hits. The song changes styles throughout its duration, but not in a confused manner. The changes fit with the lyrics and showcase Bobby Long’s diversity. It is a song that l am anxious to see Bobby Long play live.

5. Help You Mend

A change from Blood in the Orchard, Help You Mend is a beautiful song filled with promises and hope. Though slower in tempo, Help You Mend has a strong presence on the album. With rich vocals and a soothing arrangement, Help You Mend exposes Bobby Long’s ability as a writer and passionate artist.


6. Making You Talk

Flowing easily with Help You Mend, is the soulful Making You Talk. The song features bluesy guitar riffs and heart wrenching lyrics. The lyrics in Making You Talk are relatable, which makes the song all the more addicting.

7. All My Brothers

All My Brothers takes on a 70’s rock style and has an edgier meaning behind it than some of the others songs on Wishbone. I have seen Bobby Long play this song in an acoustic environment and thought that it was wonderful. Hearing this song with a full band attached to it turns this song into something more raw and impressive. It is definitely one of my favorite songs off of the album.

8. My Parade

Slowing things down a bit, My Parade is a song that is well developed and exquisitely executed. My Parade is equipped with more solemn lyrics and a softer, more soulful tempo. Bobby Long’s voice is once again proven to have soulful diversity that cannot be found on most records that are created today.


9. Yesterday Yesterday

Yesterday Yesterday is relatable and extremely catchy. When I first heard Yesterday Yesterday, my mind was instantly drawn to the Ryan Adams similarities. The song allows Bobby Long to display his vocal range and his boldness in wanting to try different musical directions. It is a song that those familiar with Bobby Long can appreciate, and will ignite curiosity with those who are unfamiliar with him.

10. Waiting for Dawn

Waiting for Dawn will be familiar to Bobby Long fans in the aspect that it paints a picture. Though quite different from older material such as Two Years Old, Waiting for Dawn paints a picture for the listener in the same manner. When listening to the lyrics of the song you get visuals of what is going on in the lyrics. The ability to do this in a matter of 3 minutes and 14 seconds proves that Bobby Longs writing ability is quite impressive. Since one of the things that drew me to Bobby Long was his impressive ability to tell a story through song, I was quite excited about Waiting for Dawn.

2012-10-14 17.50.12

11. Not Tonight, Not Today

Not Tonight, Not Today is a song that I can most envision ending up on the radio. The melody of the chorus is catchy, and the lyrics are easily relatable. Bobby Long’s vocals on the track are smooth and impressive. I can easily envision a crowd swaying along to Not Tonight, Not Today while watching Bobby Long perform it live.

12. To The Light

The last track on the album, To the Light , is an impressive choice to close out Bobby Long’s sophomore album. Though the song starts off softer, To the Light features an addicting drum beat throughout the chorus. To the Light also features a piano and the familiar acoustic guitar stylings that fans have come to expect. Even with those familiarities, To the Light stays true to his change of musical direction.

Overall, I give this album a 8/10. Wishbone is a refreshing follow up to his debut albums, A Winter’s Tale. From the very first whispers of a new album Bobby Long promised listeners that Wishbone would be different in style. He did not fail on keeping this promise, and it has certainly paid off. Wishbone has succeeded in igniting renewed passion from familiar followers, and has opened doors to ignite a widespread interest in potentially new followers.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this humble review on an album by an artist that I am very proud to support. I urge you to purchase Wishbone and other material by clicking here, and to check out Bobby Long tour dates by clicking here.




Featured Event: Bobby Long Listening Party in Los Angeles, CA Tuesday, Feb 5 2013 



Hello Everyone! I would like to take a minute to announce that a listening party for Bobby Long’s new album Wishbone will take place on February 13, 2013. The listening party will be hosted by the amazing Sheila Marrs and will take place at The Cat and the Fiddle from 6pm to 8pm.

For those of you who are not familiar with Bobby Long, please do yourself a tremendous favor and check him out here and come join in on the fun. For those of you who are familiar with Bobby Long, I urge you to come out and attend this event. It will be an amazing opportunity to get to know one another, eat some great food, and hear Wishbone before it is released. Further details about the event are below:

Address: 6530 West Sunset Blvd Hollywood, CA 90028

Location Website:

Event Time: 6p-8pm


RSVP at the Bobby Long Listening Party events page

I hope that those in the area can make it, and look forward to an amazing evening.



Songs of the Week 1/19/13 Saturday, Jan 19 2013 


Hello World! Sorry I haven’t been quite as active as usual, it’s been busy and temporary loss of an internet connection tends to screw up my plans to frequenly post. Anywho…here is this week’s list of my top songs. Hope you enjoy!

5. Bon Iver- skinny love

Skinny Love by Bon Iver is a soft simple song that I have thoroughly enjoyed this week. Bon Iver’s voice has a way of grabbing the listener’s attention and leaves them wanting more. On Skinny Love which is present of the For Emma, Forever Ago album, Bon Iver’s voice conveys the frustration of the lyrics, which makes the song so addicting. It is one of those songs where you feel grateful for having the opportunity to listen to.

4. Steve Reynolds- Cover of the Night

Like most songs about complicated relationships, Cover of the Night by Steve Reynolds has the advantage of being relatable. In Cover of the Night, Steve Reynolds’ voice is stunning and the arrangement alone evokes the feelings that the lyrics are trying to convey. It is a beautiful song that everyone should listen to at least once in their lifetime. Cover of the Night is present on the album entitled The Carnival Papers which can be listened to by clicking play.

3. Sea Wolf- Middle Distance Runner

Sea Wolf’s Middle Distance Runner off of their Leaves In The River album has been a song that I have clung to this past week. The heartbreakingly beautiful lyrics, the simple arrangement, and incredible vocals come together perfectly to give the listener a reason to press repeat one or five times. Definitely worth taking a few minutes to give it a listen.

2. Mat Kearney- City of Black and White

The song City of Black and White by Mat Kearney is a beautiful song featured on the same titled album. City of Black and White is a song that speaks of taking a chance and telling that special someone how you feel. The lyrics “I don’t want to wait until tomorrow, to tell you how I’d feel the rest of my life. You don’t want a waste another minute to realize” are so beautiful to me. Throw in Mat Kearney’s stunning vocals and impressive arrangement, and it’s easy to see why this song is on this list.

1.Bobby Long- Devil Moon

Devil Moon is a song off of Bobby Long’s upcoming album, Wishbone. For those who know of and follow Bobby Long, this album feels like it is long overdue. It was, therefore, a pleasant surprise to discover that Devil Moon was posted for the public to listen to. This newly released song proves that Bobby Long’s music cannot be contained in any one stylistic box. His sound is diverse and his talent as a musician is vast. Devil Moon has a refreshing ,yet familiar at the same time. The song gives fans of Bobby Long great cause to be excited for the new album that is due to be released February 18, 2013.



Top 10 Christmas Songs (10-8) Saturday, Dec 22 2012 


Ok so I haven’t posted in a while,and thought that I would do someting different this week. Instead of the normal Take Cover Thursday or Songs of the Week list, I decided to do a Top 10 Christmas list. over the next several days, I will count down my top 10 christmas songs, with number one being unveiledon Christmas. I hope you all enjoyhe list and check out all of the artists listed on it.

10. Hey Rosetta!-Carry Me Home

This original Christmas song by Hey Rosetta was on a Christmas compilation album that was put together by Paste. Carry Me Home is one of my favorite songs on the sampler. It’s nice to have a Christmas song that is not traditional to listen to.

9. Stylusboy– Silent Night

Stylusboy’s version of this classic Christmas song is stripped down in this acoustic version. This version of Silent Night allows the listener to not get caught up in a complex arrangement, and allows the vocals and lyrics to shine.


8. Bobby Long- River (Joni Mitchell Cover)

Bobby Long’s cover of this amazing Joni Mitchell Song was one of me favorite Christmas songs this holiday season. Bobby’s smooth voice and simple arrangement reminds the listener why this song is so amazing. It should also be noted that Bobby Long allowed his fans to pick which Christmas song he would record. Clearly, they have excellent taste. You can listen to Bobby’s version of River here.




Songs of the Week- 12/8/12 Saturday, Dec 8 2012 


This weeks Songs of the Week features music that I am extremely excited about. Much to my delight, a new song from Bobby Long has been released to the world and is present on this list. New favorite, The Borrowers Debt, joins the list along with Mathew Mayfield. I urge my readers to check out each artist. If you don’t, you will never know what you are missing out on.


Bobby Long- In Your Way

This week music lovers were treated to a special surprise when Bobby Long released In Your Way off of his upcoming album Wishbone. As a fan of Bobby Long’s for quite some time, and I have to say I was extremely pleased with the new direction that his music seems to be taking. Instead of raw acoustics, In Your Way features a full band. Bobby’s voice is still as wonderful as ever, but there seems to be more depth to it. It’s still the same Bobby that his fans know and love, but he is showing a different side to his talents. In Your Way is a perfect treat for those who have followed Bobby Long, and a great who for him to introduce himself to a new audience. To give the song a listen and to find out about this amazing artist, click here.

The Borrowers Debt- Walking Home From Hollywood

I had the pleasure of seeing The Borrowers Debt perform at the Room 5 Lounge on December 6, 2012. There song Walking Home From Hollywood was one the song that had got me so interested in the band. In addition to that, the song is just beautiful. The harmonies and the arrangement are amazing. The lyrics describe the process of evaluating your life’s decisions and realizing that, perhaps, other decisions should have been made. Definitely a song and a band that I recommend to anyone looking for new music. Check out their website here for more information.


Matthew Mayfield- By Your Side

I just really love this song. The lyrics are beautiful, the vocals are amazing, and the arrangement is sweetly simple. It is a song that you listen to a couple of times in a row, and then think about how much you want to hear it again only a few hours later. I like many songs from Matthew Mayfield, but this just may be my favorite. More information about Matthew Mayfield can be found here.



Songs of The Week Saturday, Nov 10 2012 

This week has been a rather busy week, so not only is this week’s list late, but it is shorter than I would have liked. Regardless, the songs on this list are worth noting and deserve as much attention as they can get. Enjoy!

Bobby Long- Something’s

Earlier this week, I was thrilled to discover that Bobby Long had uploaded another “Song of the Week” on his website. Those who follow Bobby Long look forward to these small treasures that he shares with his fans. The new song Something’s does not disappoint. Bobby Long’s voice on this track is deep, beautiful, and reminds me of Johnny Cash at some points. Backed by just a guitar, Bobby Long’s lyrics in this song are touching and worth listening to. Something’s definitely has me excited and impatient for Bobby Long’s next album.

The River and the Road- Straw, Brick, and Wood

For the past few days I have been addicted to Straw, Brick, and Wood by The River and the Road.  I enjoy the up-beat flow of the instruments and the way that they are complimented by the vocals. With lyrics such as “When you finally have the strength to go know that somebody still loves you so”, I can easily pull strength from this song. I may or not have kept this song on repeat for a couple of hours.

Via Flogging Molly Website

Flogging Molly- If I Ever Leave This World Alive

If I Ever Leave This World Alive by Flogging Molly is a ridiculously beautiful song off of the Drunken Lullabies album. Anytime I listen to this song, I think of my friends and how much I care about them. It matters not the nature of my mood or location, as soon as I hear the intro to this song I think of my friends. Since I have been missing them a lot lately, it’s only natural for me to wallow in this song.


My Songs of the Week Sunday, Oct 21 2012 

So…..I decided that I am going to start doing a “My Songs of the Week” list. The plan is to post a list of songs that spoke the most to me during the week. These songs will not always be new, nor will they have any relation to any other “Song of the Week” lists that may be floating around on the Internet. These are simply songs that mean something to me. Savvy? OK, good……


Brynn Andre– Devil

The reason this song has made it onto this week’s list is because it is raw and relatable. Through this song, Brynn Andre tells a tale of a doomed relationship. The line “This is gonna hurt when it is over” spoke to me, mostly because I have been there before. You know that the relationship is doomed, but you refuse to let go of it. The concept of doomed love is captured beautifully in this song.

Mumford and Sons– Below My Feet

I have many reasons for including “Below My Feet” by Mumford and Sons on this weeks list. First, this song resonates with my so deeply that I almost cried when I watched Mumford and Sons play it live this past August. I am not one to get overly emotional, but this song moves and inspires me. The lyrics are beautiful, the music impressive, and the vocals are painfully filled with emotion. The lyrics “And now I sleep, sleep the hours that I can’t weep, When all I knew was steeped in blackened hopes, Well I was lost. Keep the earth below my feet. For all my sweat, my blood runs weak. Let me learn from where I have been. Keep my eyes to serve, my hands to learn”, are personal to me. There is comfort, yet sadness, in knowing that others have felt the same desperate emotions as I have.

Freelance Whales– Broken Horse

The song “Broken Horse” by Freelance Whales is strangely soothing to me. It could be the lyrics, it could be the beautiful vocals. Or it could be the nature sounds in the background. Either way, I enjoy it and feel that it deserves a place on this week’s list since I’ve played it quite a bit this week.

Bobby Long– Something’s Always Gonna Get You

This week I have had this song playing over and over. It’s one of my favorite “Get Over It” songs. Bobby Long’s ability to humorously remind the listener that things can always get worse, is charming and entertaining, With lyrics like “I could get an envelope filled with anthrax through my door, I could fall right through my neighbors floor”, the song reminds listeners to stop being so damned paranoid and to start living. At least, that is what I take away from the song when listening to it. On the other hand, the song could be used as an excuse for a paranoid person to never leave their house. After all, “Something’s Gonna Always Get You”.

This list was brought to you by the craziness that is my mind. Check out these artists listed so that, you too, can enjoy good music.



My Night at The Roxy Thursday, Oct 18 2012 

On Saturday, October 13th, 2012 I was fortunate enough to be at The Roxy in Hollywood, CA. My main reason for being at The Roxy that night was to see Bobby Long, but I was also excited to check out some new music. In addition to that, I was taking my 10 year old nephew to his first concert. Being the “cool Aunt” and experiencing some great music? Yes, please!

Those familiar with The Roxy know that the theatre has a rich and diverse history. From Bruce Springsteen to Miles Davis, The Roxy has hosted some of the best performers in music history. However, The Roxy is a theater that many unsigned artists call home and is an excellent place to discover new music. I personally have been to The Roxy many times over the years, and have many memories of the area. It was, therefore, an absolute pleasure to have my nephews first show be at the Roxy.

At around 8:30 p.m. Anna Nelson was the first performer to take the stage. I had never heard of Anna Nelson before, but I was thoroughly impressed but her voice. My favorite song from her that night was “In My Dreams”. Her EP “Before You” can be found on iTunes. She is absolutely worth checking out.

The next artist to perform was Patrick Park. Patrick Park was definitely talented and I enjoyed his songs. However, Patrick Park seemed to lack that stage presence and overall connection with the audience that makes a good performance great. It could be that he was having an off night, or if that is just his personality as a performer. Regardless, he played his guitar beautifully and sang wonderfully. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for good music. His albums “Loneliness Knows My Name” and Come What Will” can both be found on iTunes.

At around 10 p.m. Bobby Long took the stage. This was my second time seeing him this year, and I was absolutely thrilled. Bobby Long is an impressive performer and possesses the wit and stage presence to keep the crowd engaged. He started off his set with “I Will Help You Mend”, a song that I hope is going to be on his next album. Much to my absolute pleasure, Bobby Long next performed “Two Years Old”. This song happens to be one of my favorite songs from him, so I was grateful to be able to see him play it live. His entire set was enjoyable and easily my favorite of the night. I could go on, and on about how much I enjoyed seeing him perform, but it is not something that can be understood unless you see him live. His album “A Winter Tale” can, and should, be checked out on iTunes.

The next performer of the night was Meiko. I was very much excited to check her out, as I had heard some great things about her as a live performer and I enjoyed her music. As fate would have it, however, my nephew’s tolerance for a standing room venue and two drunk women behind him had been reached. As much as I wanted to stay and watch Meiko, I had to change from “the cool aunt” into “the responsible aunt” and take my nephew home. With that said, I encourage anyone to check out Meiko and try to see her live. Her music can also be found on iTunes.

Even with having to leave early, my night at The Roxy was an enjoyable one. Great music and great company. What more could I possibly ask for?