Marcus Foster Show Review Tuesday, Mar 5 2013 


On March 3, I found myself at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach, California. That night, Saint Rocke would play host to three amazing musicians: Ruston Kelly, Sean Rowe, and Marcus Foster. Though the venue was not fully packed, it buzzed with the audience’s excitement.


The first set of the night belonged to Nashville based Ruston Kelly. With a soulful voice, and obvious skills on the guitar, Ruston Kelly performed an eight song set list for the audience. With a voice reminiscent of Ryan Adams and Jeff Buckley, Ruston Kelly belted out his extremely well-written lyrics. From the toe-tapping Blue Bird to the amazing cover of Gram Parsons Return of the Grievous Angel , Ruston Kelly wowed the audience. It was a memorable performance, by and extraordinary artist who is sure to go far.


Set List:
1. Blue Bird
2. Wishing You Could be Free
3. Cardboard Crown
4. Return of the Grievous Angel
5. Songbird
6. Two
7. 12th Avenue Breakdown


The second artist to perform was the eclectic baritone, Sean Rowe. With a full band and tattered vocals that are similar to Leonard Cohen, Sean Rowe kicked off his set with the hauntingly beautiful Flying. From the very first note, Sean Rowe had the audience fully captivated and cheering for more. Other mesmerizing songs performed by Sean Rowe included Bring Back the Night, Old Black Dodge, and Downwind. It was an inspiring set that ended far too soon.


Set List:
1. Flying
2. Joes Cult
3. Bring Back the Night
4. Old Black Dodge
5. Old Shoes
6. Down Wind

The last performer of the night was soulful British singer Marcus Foster, who was joined by a full band. Marcus Foster got the audience moving when he kicked off his 14 song set with the haunting tune, Shadows of the City. Though his set included minor setbacks in the form of a broken guitar string and a guitar that was not properly tuned, Marcus Foster performed with ease and charm. Some of the songs performed throughout his set include Rushes and Reeds, Draw the Line, I Was Broken, and John Martyn’s I Couldn’t Love You More.

Set List:
1. Shadows of the City
2. Worn Down by Time
3. The Room
4. Rushes and Reeds
5. Strange Woods
6. Wrong Frame of Mind
7. Draw the Line
8. In This Town
9. Don’t Need to Lose you to know
10. I won’t Let Love Get in the Way
11. Watch This City Burn
12. I Was Broken
13. I couldn’t Love You More
14. Old Birch Tree


Overall, the night was filled with addicting music and great company. While the crowd could have been larger, they could not have been more excited about the music that they were allowed to experience. It was an evening that most will hope to experience again, but few ever will.

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Sofar Los Angeles Review Wednesday, Nov 7 2012 

On October 28th I had the pleasure of attending a Sofar (Sounds From A Room) show in Los Angeles, California. I had connected with Sofar via twitter and volunteered to help with Sofar L.A.’s blog posts. As it turned out, I was not needed to write a review for that night, but was given the opportunity to attend the show anyways. Nothing could have prepared me for the level of awesome that I was about to experience.

For those who are not aware, Sofar shows are intimate and are usually hosted secretly in the homes of Sofar supporters. In order to gain entrance to one of these shows, you must subscribe to their newsletters and pray that you get lucky enough to be selected to attend a show. If you are not lucky enough to score access to a show, Sofar live streams their shows for everyone to enjoy.

Experiencing GOOD live music in the comfort of a living room, with no annoying talking or drunken behavior, is an excellent way to bring the focus back on the music. One of my biggest annoyances is to go to a show and see the audience disrespect the performer by talking during the set.  A Sofar show is the best remedy for that annoyance. The Sofar movement is truly a unique way to discover and experience excellent music.

Sunday’s experience was amazing and not one that I will soon forget. The bands that played that night included: Big Tree, Family of the Year, Ferraby Lionheart, and Monsters Calling Home.  Each band/artist was amazing and brought something different to the show.  I spent most of the night in awe that I was actually experiencing this type of music in a living room setting. Each band was endearing to me in different ways. I truly found some new favorites, especially with Family of the Year and Monsters Calling Home. You can check out the official Sofar review of the night here.

In a world where live performances seem to be less appreciated than they should be, Sofar is fighting to make experiencing live music more important and enjoyable. I am, therefore, honored to boast that I am Sofar L.A.’s blog leader. I look forward to contributing to this amazing movement and to experience more awesome live music.

Check out the Sofar website here and the Sofar blog here.